More Choices To Meet The

As consumers are exposed to more and more aesthetic images in the media, there develops an expectation for products bearing higher artistic value and novelty, to enhance the presentation of expression of their taste. Therefore, our research and development team works hard consistently to add new designs and finishes to the product line. This is imperative in a fast track environment where trends, values and expectations are always on the rise.

Over the years, the Research and Development team has shown ingenuity in replicating the appearance of natural stone surfaces and even fossils to offer more choice for the tiling of floors and walls. To meet changing lifestyle trends and consumer preferences, they have also developed numerous types of trim pieces to accessorize floor and wall tiles and explored into producing different tiles sizes, for a more personalized style.

In every series, we ensure that our floor and wall tiles are available in an array of colours to encourage custom design effects. Whatever your project, from a single space to an entire house, office or commercial public area, White Horse will have the tiles to meet both your decorative expectations and technical specifications.

White Horse inspires creativity with our Ceramic World showrooms in major cities. Visitors can visit the mock-up units for design ideas, browse and match the various tile designs and textures and even seek advice from our knowledgeable Ceramic World staff. White Horse has also designed a booklet to inform and advise on a wide range of important tile use and care tips. This and more, are available at the Ceramic World showrooms for our visitors.

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