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Through ingenuity and hard work, the team of White Horse Ceramic Industries Sdn Bhd  has achieved the company’s vision of becoming one of the best tile manufacturers.


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As a leading tile manufacturer in Malaysia, White Horse Ceramic Industries Sdn Bhd produces high quality tiles encompassing a full range of products for every corner of your beautiful home. These include full concept wall and floor tiles, porcelain and glazed porcelain tiles, high end multi-effect granite tiles, as well as borders and accessories.


Tile usage has gained popularity through the years. At present, tiles form part of a trendy fashion for interior design in homes. To benefit our valued customers who have chosen White Horse tiles for their renovation and decoration projects as well as potential customers, we have produced this “Tile Handbook”. Therefore, if you have decided to join other astute homeowners in using White Horse tiles, we recommend that you read this handbook carefully before proceeding with your renovation or decoration project.


With the right tiles, your home will never go out of style.